GRP represents the ultimate stylish flat roofing system, with full BBA certification and a 25-year product and craftsmanship guarantee.

Each GRP roof is formed in situ, to any size, shape, colour or thickness. The glass fibres are laid and held together with layers of polyester plastic (resin) which becomes hard after being cured. Once cured it becomes a very tough material which cannot be cut with a knife.


  • Product longevity
  • BBA certified
  • Installed with a 25 year guarantee
  • Only laid by trained and approved contractors
  • Maintenance free
  • Superb appearance with a choice of colour finishes
  • Light weight
  • Extremely tough and durable (cannot be cut by a knife and can resist heavy traffic)
  • Optional non-slip finishes (can be sealed with a non-slip coating, therefore suitable for balconies and walkways)
  • Versatile – used on flat roofs, dormers, balconies, box gutters and valleys
  • Seamless and jointless – easy to seal around complex shapes and roof fittings
  • Weather proof
  • Fire retardant to Class 1
  • Environmentally friendly

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