Flat Roofing

Roofix Services Ltd offer a choice of time proven flat roofing systems:

GRP Fibreglass flat roof system – guaranteed for 25 years

GRP represents the ultimate stylish flat roofing system, with full BBA certification and a 25-year product and craftsmanship guarantee.

Each GRP roof is formed in situ, to any size, shape, colour or thickness. The glass fibres are laid and held together with layers of polyester plastic (resin) which becomes hard after being cured. Once cured it becomes a very tough material which cannot be cut with a knife.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Product longevity
  • BBA certified
  • Installed with a 25 year guarantee
  • Only laid by trained and approved contractors
  • Maintenance free
  • Superb appearance with a choice of colour finishes
  • Light weight
  • Extremely tough and durable (cannot be cut by a knife and can resist heavy traffic)
  • Optional non-slip finishes (can be sealed with a non-slip coating, therefore suitable for balconies and walkways)
  • Versatile – used on flat roofs, dormers, balconies, box gutters and valleys
  • Seamless and jointless – easy to seal around complex shapes and roof fittings
  • Weather proof
  • Fire retardant to Class 1
  • Environmentally friendly

High Performance SBS Elastomeric Felt Systems

The new generation of top performance elastomeric torch-on membranes, NORD BITUMI felts are quality assured to the highest standard of roof felting currently available and at the forefront of continuous research and development, guarantees the supply of premier materials. The use of the latest technology of spun bonded polyester reinforcing including the use of SBS Elastomeric bitumen, along with insurance backed guarantees (UK issued as details below), separates it from all rival felt manufacturers.

Key features and benefits

NORD BITUMI SBS Elastomeric felt systems have been designed to accommodate repeated thermal movements of the roof by using a unique blend of polymers, butadience-styrene and selected bitumen’s to provide greater capacity to bridge movement of cracks and joints in the substrate and better fatigue resistance.

  • Low temperature flexibility
  • Puncture, tear and deformation resistance
  • Highly resistant to ageing
  • Guaranteed for periods up to 20 years

Single-Ply EPDM Rubber Roofing – Guaranteed for 20 years

EPDM is a high performing synthetic rubber membrane offering a long-term durability and a quality solution for any type of flat or gently sloping roof surface including; core buildings, extensions, verandas, garages, carports.

Key features and benefits

The main component of an EPDM roof system is, a single-ply synthetic rubber membrane made of ethylene propylene diene monomer, mixed with carbon black, oils, curing agents and processing aids. It is calendered into large sheets and vulcanized. The EPDM membrane is fully adhered to an acceptable substrate using bonding adhesive.

EPDM offers a unique combination of features and benefits:

  • Quick Cover Installation, fewer field seams and less roof exposure time.
  • Superior Weatherability and Durability
  • High Flexibility and Elongation
  • Low Life-Cycle Cost and Maintenance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Issued with a 20 year guarantee

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